Market Scenarios (2009)

First published in 2009. With the various strategic shifts in the fibre market increasing leading to a patchwork, this article from the archives looks at the different scenarios for the broadband market and starts to consider how it might be joined together to create a competitive infrastructure market.

Market Scenarios

There is a wide consensus that ubiquitous Next Generation Access networks (NGA’s) could never be successfully developed in the UK by a single organisation during a single “big bang” project. Rather it is highly likely that a number of local projects will appear, built by a wide variety of organisations and with a number of possible ownership structures.

While at a technical level, this is not a new problem – the term “Internet” used to describe the current global infrastructure reflects the necessity to inter-connect disparate networks. When we use the term “The Internet” we are actually referring to traffic across many networks working cooperatively to deliver service.