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A Question of Psychographics

Netflix recently released “The Great Hack“, a documentary film about the Cambridge Analytica scandal associated with the UK Leave.EU and Trump Presidential campaigns. The film, in part, raises questions of psychographics and their power in a world of big data and social media.

Psychographics ?

Psychographics can be thought of as the sibling of demographics. While the latter models a population in terms of the characteristics like age, gender, ethnicity and so forth, the former seeks to describe the behavioural traits. Continue reading

Evolving Market (Jan 2013)

From the archive – January 2013.¬†For no special reason, this is the first of the articles from the archives. This looks at the transformation of various market sectors as the evolve into a more cohesive and unified fibre broadband market. I’ve left it unedited so you judge for yourself if it remains relevant or dated.

Evolving Market

It can be argued that the telecommunications market is undergoing what may be the single largest transformations in its history as it migrates away from copper-based services towards fibre-based solutions.

The debate surrounding the shift often focuses on the immediately practical points of the technology choices and the mechanics of who pays for it and how. This short paper instead tries to consider the movements in the market that are underway and how these might best be supported. Continue reading