A Question of Psychographics

Netflix recently released “The Great Hack“, a documentary film about the Cambridge Analytica scandal associated with the UK Leave.EU and Trump Presidential campaigns. The film, in part, raises questions of psychographics and their power in a world of big data and social media. Psychographics ? Psychographics can be thought of as the sibling of demographics. […]

The role of public funds

I was reminded the other day of a piece of work I looked at several years ago when Governments were first intervening to make broadband widely available which considered the role of public funds in general in commercial projects. The general rule of thumb in Europe is that public money should only be used where […]

Adrian Wooster presented with the SCTE David Hall Award

At their annual Gala Dinner in June, Adrian was presented with the SCTE David Hall Award for his lecture “The Yellow Brick Road to a Copper Sunset” on the path towards a full fibre future. I’m not a regular member of the SCTE whose members are traditionally broadband professionals leaning more towards the cable industry […]