I’ve been in and around telecoms and broadband for at least the last 25 years in one way or another. Over that time I’ve developed a broad range of skills which make me an effective broadband strategist.

Whether as an broad advisor or over a shorter engagement to reposition your business, I have the skills and experience to help.

Skills and Strategy

What strategic skills do I bring?

The policy space and how to use it to an operators advantage

Telecoms is highly regulated, especially in the access markets, so developing a constructive dialogue with policy makers to ensure your voice is heard becomes important earlier in a companies life than many other industries.

Using open access and wholesale models to your advantage, and how they may fit with an internal retail service offering.

There is no single answer that meets the needs of every access operator so developing a clear understanding of the strategy that makes most sense for your business is critical – it not only shapes how you go to market but also processes you adopt and the often expensive systems you develop.

Strategically adapting your business model to optimise your market position, investment characteristics, technical choices, geography, etc.

This is one of the most important aspects of strategy – to know who you are, your market niche and the opportunity it presents.

Using facts to hone product strategy and target network deployment.

And to finish on one of my pet subjects – proving is better than simply having an opinion when huge investments are committed.

Using advanced data science and geospatial tools to formally define the market opportunity, to size and locate the demand, and to embed that knowledge in everything you do from product development through project planning and automated design will fundamentally transform your ability to spend investor money wisely, scale rapidly and to compete in what has become an increasingly diverse and busy sector.

With the UK Government’s full fibre strategy, there has never been a more exciting time to be in the broadband industry.

Every operator, fixed and wireless, will be affected so it’s never been a more important time for the industry to talk.

I’m always happy to discuss anything about the broadband industry from local technical or service choices to how the fibre switch-off could happen.